Back in early 2010, my now good friend Rick Carthew contacted me with an idea... he wanted to commission a studio quality model of his ideal Starship Enterprise. But there was a problem... He didn't know what it looked like! After 6 months of hard work, inspiration, and researching every known version of the Enterprise, we had it! Our CG model became the basis for Rick's final studio quality model, but our CG model took on a life of it's own, leading to a myriad of adventures for us to place it in.  Click on the image to visit our site dedicated to our Enterprise.





"The Tall Ship Rises"   "These Are The Voyages"   "Associated Nebulosities"   "Doomsday Machine!"
"Breaking Orbit"   "Hostile Contact"   "The Mutara Nebula"   "In Position..."
"Fleet Rendevous"   "Ambush!"   "Sunrise"   "Still Boldly Going"




"Just Another Day..."

  "Warp Speed"   "Asteroids!"   "Variable Timelines"
"Oh, No! Botany Bay?"   "Romulans!"   "Survey Mission"   "The Venture Star"





"The Metaluna"

  "The Mutara Nebula II"   "Routine Mission"    

"ToonTrek Poster #1"   "ToonTrek Poster #2"   "ToonTrek Poster #3"   "ToonTrek Logo"




"Into the Fire"
Chris Diston
  "To Boldly Go..."
Chris Diston
Dave Metlesits
  "New Worlds"
Dave Metlesits
"Titan's Clouds"
Dave Metlesits
  "Last Chance"
  "Running from the Devil"
  "Running out of Time"
"Knight of the Old"
  "Enterprise in Nebula"
  "Wallpaper 1"
"Wallpaper 2"
  "Wallpaper 3"
  "Wallpaper 4"
  "Wallpaper 5"
"Wallpaper 6"